Do You Know Someone Like Mr. Martinez?

imageRecently diagnosed with cancer, Mr. Martinez was in need of an electric hospital bed and manual wheelchair to ensure that when released from the hospital he could recover at home. Even with health insurance, the medical equipment was not covered.

Project MEND was able to provide the critical medical equipment he needed. Although Mr. Martinez is still battling cancer, he and his family remain hopeful and positive that with the help of organizations such as Project MEND, he will remain on the path to recovery.




How About Jose's Story

Mr. Jose Luis Mares is a 46 year old male who has a cervical spine injury due to an accident that took place at work that left him paralyzed from the waist down. Mr. Mares is the sole provider for a family of five that includes his wife and three children. Because of his injury, Mr. Mares is no longer able to work and had to apply for disability benefits to provide for his family.

With no insurance, limited income, and a large family to care for, Mr. Mares did not have the resources to obtain the equipment he needed to accommodate his condition. Mr. Mares was referred to Project MEND by a military medical facility while still under their care. Project MEND was able to assist Mr. Mares with a manual wheelchair, a full electric hospital bed, hoyer lift, adult diapers, an electric wheelchair, and a shower/commode chair. Project MEND has informed Mr. Mares that we will continue to assist him with DME throughout the year as prescribed by his physician at no charge.

Do You Know Mr. Dawson's Story

Mr. Dawson is a Project MEND client who is diagnosed with post-polio atrophy, which is late muscle wasting that occurs as part of the post-polio syndrome. What is unique about Mr. Dawson is that he is a Hurricane Katrina survivor. He and his family lost everything in Louisiana and had no other option but to move to San Antonio in hopes of starting over. Since Mr. Dawson's wheelchair was in such poor condition, it was strongly recommended by his physician to replace the chair to provide comfort for him and not worsen his condition. Due to limited income and resources Mr. Dawson was referred to Project MEND by his social worker who told him about our services.

Mr. Dawson came in to apply for our services and Project MEND was able to assist him with a replacement chair. Mr. Dawson's reaction when seeing the replacement wheelchair was priceless. I had never seen so much joy on a person's face. He was so overwhelmed that tears began rolling down his cheeks. I didn't understand the excitement until I asked Mr. Dawson what he was planning on doing with his old chair. He asked if he could donate it to us, and I said yes. When I took a good look at his old chair, I understood why he was so happy. The chair was in extremely in poor condition with one wheel hanging off; the sitting area was ripped almost in half exposing the metal, the handles were gone and it was almost completely rusted through. Mr. Dawson was truly grateful that we were able to assist him in his time of need and is relieved that we will continue to help him with more services in the future.

What About Ms. Doby's Story

She recently had a stroke and is being cared for by her Retired Airforce husband. Ms. Doby is a retired teacher and though she had insurance that paid for some of her hospital equipment, it didn't cover the cost of her Over The Bed Table; which was provided by Project MEND. Ms. Doby's family lives on a fixed income so she was referred to Project MEND by the social worker at the rehabilitation center she attended while recovering. With the equipment that she received from Project MEND, Ms. Doby is able to sit up in bed and read or complete projects while in the comfort of her bed. Her husband explained that no other program was able to assist him with this item and is very thankful to Project MEND.

Or, How About Sheyenne's Story

Sheyenne is 2 years old. She has Spinal Muscular Atrophy. As a result of her illness, Sheyenne has limited physical abilities to explore or access her surroundings, and is confined to her bed. Sheyenne also has limited means to communicate with others. She uses her facial expressions and limited vocal sounds (due to her tracheotomy) to communicate with her family.

Since the majority of her waking hours are without much stimulation, Project MEND assisted Sheyenne by providing a series of AT switches and interactive equipment.  Through light touch sensitivity controls, she is able to exercise her eye gaze and learn to communicate more effectively with those around her.


Additional quotes:

  • "Project MEND staff have been of great assistance and care since the start of my medical condition and leg amputation." - Arturo M.
  • "I want to thank Project MEND for the service that you are giving me to better my life." - Billie C.
  • "Your service will help my mother get around the house"
  • "Everything was handled very professionally. The staff was kind and very helpful."
  • "Your service is a big help with families that have a person with disabilities. Keep up the great work."
  • "Very nice customer service."
  • "Project MEND is a lifesaver and would recommend to any and everyone in need."
  • "Project MEND is a wonderful program with a wonderful staff. We couldn't ask for a better experience with service."
  • "People are wonderful; very patient and helpful."
  • "Very helpful and knowledgeable about what other equipment is available to help my dad."
  • "I am very grateful that Project MEND exists, that they are people to help those in need." - Carolina V.
  • "Thank you for your help, it has made a big difference for me." - Kimberly V.
  • "A super lifesaving program which definitely helps improve the quality of life for its clients and staffed with extremely professional, friendly and knowledgeable personnel." - Melissa V.
  • "The adjustable bed will enable me to transfer more easily from bed to chair and will enable my caregiver to perform daily procedures that are unreachable at normal bed height.' - Schular P.
  • "We are so grateful, a program like this is a blessing for our family." - V. Silvas
  • "I appreciate the kindness and generosity of Project MEND. Without your help, life would be less available. Now it is more pleasant." - Linda W.
  • "Wonderful personnel and a great service for the San Antonio community. Let me know how I can help your great service." - Debra B.