Helping children & young individuals with disabilities

Project MEND KIDS helps individuals ages 0 to 18 years

Does your child need medical equipment?

Project MEND KIDSAll children should grow up experiencing the world, interacting with peers, and family, and developing skills to reach their maximum potential. This can be a significant challenge to a child with disabilities, as the environment around them and the adults in their lives may not be prepared for their learning and developmental needs.

Project MEND KIDS provides refurbished medical equipment and financial assistance for specialized assistive devices for children 18 and under. Specialized medical equipment promotes the health, growth, and self-sufficiency of children living with disabilities.

Project MEND KIDSSix  to eight percent of our clients are children under the age on 18.  The need to serve children with disabilities is growing. Project MEND turns away children with disabilities and their families each month due to inadequate funding.

Children with disabilities tend to have more extensive health needs, greater rates of unmet needs for health services, and experience social and environmental barriers to full participation in life events.

Project MEND KIDSThrough an active referral process with agencies such as TEAMability, Kinetic Kids', Any Baby Can, and the Gordon Hartman Family Foundation; Project MEND KIDS receive used children's medical equipment and referrals for assistive technology. The equipment that can be part of the reuse program is refurbished, professionally sanitized and made available for kids in need.

Project MEND KIDSProject MEND KIDS provides financial assistance, up to $1,000. Assistive devices are any item, piece of equipment or product that can be used to help a child with a disability successfully function at home, in school, and in the community.

The overarching goal that drives all Project MEND activities is barrier removal; what tool, modification, information, connection, and/or alteration can help remove an individual's barrier to lifelong learning, mobility and independence.

Project MEND KIDSProject MEND Kids bridges the gap in economic disparities that exist between those that can afford to provide the latest devices for their child and those that cannot.

Project MEND KIDS works to assist children in their growth and development to build self-esteem, enhance their ability to learn, and gain independence. Finding equipment for a child's special needs can be difficult, time-consuming, and costly.

Where does a family start? 
Project MEND KIDS is able to help children with disabilities grow up in healthy, strong families; and encourage learning that leads to improved academics and/or vocational skills that lead to self-sufficiency.

Donate time or medical equipment to Project MEND

Donate lightly used medical equipment

Donations of medical equipment are accepted Monday - Friday at our warehouse location at 1201 Austin Street, in San Antonio, Texas. Between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. New and pre-owned medical equipment from area businesses, agencies, private homes, and organizations are needed.

Pick up of donations of large equipment items or large quantities of items can be scheduled by calling  our Warehouse Manager at (210) 223-7283 or sending an e-mail to

Donate Some of Your Time by Volunteering at Project MEND

For more information on volunteer opportunities, contact:

Cathy Valdez
(210) 223-6363 (MEND)


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