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Believing mobility and independence are basic human rights, Project MEND empowers individuals to become active members of their communities through the reuse of medical equipment.




Incorporated in 1992 and established as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in 1993, Project MEND, also known as the Medical Equipment Network for those w/ Disabilities has been providing for the medical equipment and assistive technology needs of low-income persons with disabilities in San Antonio and Texas for more than 18 years.    




Mobility and independence are basic and necessary human rights.  People with disabilities have little choice but to depend on family, friends, and the increasingly limited healthcare system when daily activities of life such as bathing, sleeping, and eating become insurmountable chores.  When the convergence of a disability and limited economic resources creates a dependent, isolated circumstance, Project MEND responds by helping individuals and families obtain the medical equipment and assistive devices needed to adjust and recover from life altering experiences.


There is no other agency in Texas that provides these services!  In 2013, Project MEND provided 1,217 clients with home medical equipment and assistive technology services; issued 3,410 pieces of medical equipment that valued at nearly $500,000.  The distribution of refurbished, sanitized equipment decreases the cost burden that is shifted to tax supported institutions, and also keeps our landfills empty of these items.  Supporting Project MEND is a good investment.  Nearly 90 cents of every dollar raised is spent directly on program services.   




By addressing the needs of medically vulnerable individuals in the community, Project MEND effectively reduces the gap in service to low-income persons with disabilities. Clients served do not have the means to obtain the critical medical equipment any other way. Results of the Project MEND programs include recovered mobility and independence, increased ability of individuals to care for themselves or to actively assist in their care, improved self-esteem and cost savings to the community. Refurbished equipment is:

  • ½ the cost of new,
  • keeps bulky items out of landfills, and
  • extends the useful life of costly equipment.




In 2013, more than 650 clients responded to

Project MEND’s service evaluation.

The results were outstanding:

  • 93% of clients reported improvement in mobility
  • 90% of clients reported improvement in their self-sufficiency
  • 97% of clients reported they were very satisfied with Project MEND staff and services. 

Question:  I feel motivated to remain as independent as possible? 

Pre-survey:  47%              Post Surey: 88%             41% increase



Check out the following YouTube videos and learn about how the Gordon Hartman Foundation helps Project MEND and tour the warehouse where Project MEND refurbishes and sanitizes donated medical equipment.

Project MEND Success Story 


Gordon Hartman Commercial

Tour of Project MEND San Antonio Warehouse




20th Anniversary Highlights


  • 10% increase in the number of clients served
  • Medical equipment kept out of landfills increased by 3%
  • Value of medical equipment provided to the community increased by 27%
  • 150% growth in Assistive Technolgy services
  • Services to seniors increased by 7%
  • Released a revised mission statement
  • Overall revenue grew 36%
  • Indificual fiving increase by 170%
  • Project MEND Kids increased by 150%





Murlin Johnson (1936–2007)

Project MEND was founded by Murlin Johnson in 1992 in San Antonio , Texas. Mr. Johnson was born with rickets disease, an abnormal bone formation resulting from inadequate calcium in the bones.  This disease required Mr. Johnson to walk with the assistance of crutches and later on in life, he was confined to using a scooter or electric wheelchair. 

While volunteering with the Texas Department of Human Services Elderly and Disabled Unit, Mr. Johnson noticed social workers clamoring for home hospital beds, wheelchairs and walkers for their indigent patients.  He knew there was a wealth of discarded used medical equipment in the community. In 1993, he formed the non-profit agency Project MEND ( Medical Equipment Network for those with Disabilities ).

Project MEND has since served Texans by providing a variety of donated and refurbished medical equipment items to low income persons with disabilities.


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